Do Marketing Better


Marketing Strategy

Today the world is saturated with companies offering some sort of advertising service, such as digital, print, radio or even through business directories. We have found that many of these companies will tell you that if you spend x amount of money with them you will get x amount of sales, and in most cases, you never see the results. 

Where ANTINC is different is that we will not sell you advertising but instead provide small to medium businesses, strategies and systems that allow it to manage and create its own advertising to reach its customers and build its brand image in a way that is both achievable and cost effective. 

Most business know who their customers are, and ANTINC's service's are to provide an analysis on where to find these customers, create a marketing strategy for the company and design marketing platforms for the business to use, while at the same time, delivering the strategy and marketing platforms in a way that the company can manage themselves. 

Website Design

Whether you need a custom designed page with eCommerce and payment systems, or something simple, clean a crisp to get your message across. ANTINC, can help setup a webpage for your business and even teach you how to self-manage this page yourself. For more complicated webpages, we can introduce specialized web developers that can build pages customized to your needs. We can even show you basic search engine optimization (SEO), which means teaching how you can get your webpage higher up the search engine rankings so it shows on the first page of Google or Bing. 

Social Media

Today almost everyone is on some form of social media, be it  Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to name a few. ANTINC is able to provide research to identify which social media platforms your customers are likely to use and then develop a social media page on the best platform. We will show you how you can build your followers, how to do cost effect advertising using these channels, and even how to use these platforms to increase clicks to your webpage.

Direct Marketing

Direct mail or telephone marketing has been around for a very long time and is a form of marketing that if done right can be extremely effective, but done wrong can even be negative to a business's brand or sales. ANTINC will be able to advise if this style of marketing is right for your business. If it is, we will be able show you best way to utilize this way of marketing to reach more customer.

Third Party Marketing

There are many existing media outlets that provide digital, print, and radio advertising for small to medium business, but which ones work and who is the most cost effective? 

Through the years, we have worked with many of these media outlets and if we believe there is an outlet that can help you build your brand and get more sales, we can connect your business with them.